A personal photo gallery...
Personal 01.jpg


Personal 02.jpg

Stan the Skeleton

Personal 03.jpg


Personal 04.jpg

Epcot Center

Personal 05.jpg


Personal 06.jpg


Personal 07.jpg

Playing With Buddy

Personal 08.jpg

Martin Family

Personal 09.jpg

Button and Gema

Personal 10.jpg

Ryman Trip 2005

Personal 11.jpg

Liberty Bell

Personal 12.jpg

Me and Ken

Personal 13.jpg

Southpaw Guitars

Personal 14.jpg

Ken Riding

Personal 15.jpg

Fenway Park

Personal 16.jpg

Russel and Ashley

Personal 17.jpg

In My Office

Personal 18.jpg

I'm Adorable

Personal 19.jpg

Splat the Flat Cat

Personal 20.jpg

Times Square

Personal 21.jpg

Empire State Building

Personal 22.jpg

New York City

Personal 23.jpg

Russian Hat

Personal 24.jpg

Group Hug

Personal 25.jpg

Disney World 2015

Personal 26.jpg

Ken and Mally

Personal 27.jpg

Tommy and Ken

Personal 28.jpg

Kennedy Space Center

Personal 29.jpg


Personal 30.jpg

Martin Factory Tour

Personal 31.jpg

Mary Graduation 2009

Personal 32.jpg

Niagara Falls

Personal 33.jpg

Me, Sissy, and Pap

Personal 34.jpg


Personal 35.jpg

Tommy and Ken 2004

Personal 36.jpg

Zip LIne

Personal 37.jpg

Stupid Cat

Cat Two.jpg

Stupid Cat #2

Personal 39.jpg

Stupid Cat #4

Personal 40.jpg

Off to Honduras