My Testimony

I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 17 years old. Soon after, I left for college where I was taught evolution. I reasoned that if all these very smart people believed evolution, then it must be true. But this presented a problem: I was a genuinely saved man, so how was I to interpret the Bible in light of what I was being taught. Therefore I did what so many Christians do: I reinterpreted the Bible to accommodate evolution.  For the next 15 years I was a theistic evolutionist.

At that time in my life my knowledge of the Bible was so superficial that I did not realize that this worldview was not logical, nor was it biblical. As I began to seriously study the Bible, I began to understand the inconsistency of trying to merge evolution and the Bible. After years of reading everything I could find about the creation versus evolution debate, I came to see evolution as more fantasy than fact.  I now understand that the Genesis creation account is not in any way incompatible with science.  Since that time I have met many world-class scientists who reject the lie of evolution and who work to promote true science.

Over the years, the Lord opened many doors.  I have served on mission teams to Poland, Ukraine, and Jamaica.  The Lord also provided opportunities for me to teach creation science in many churches and youth groups in middle Tennessee. 

In November 2006, the Lord called me away from my medical practice to join Answers in Genesis full time as a speaker and writer. Since that time I have spoken at over 300 conferences across America. Beyond this, I have participated in an Answers Medical Outreach in Saipan and a church speaking tour in Northern Ireland.

Working for Answers in Genesis has been a tremendous blessing. I pray that the Lord will continue to open doors for me to serve Him through AiG.